On admission, each patient will receive a medical and nursing assessment and a bespoke addiction recovery plan which will address:

  • Max Glatt patient quote 3The extent and nature of the client’s drug or alcohol addiction
  • The client’s physical and mental health needs
  • Measures for risk reduction and overdose / relapse prevention

Each treatment package provides clients with:

  • Specialist detoxification treatment programmes
  • Medication to reduce drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Psychological support to facilitate and progress recovery
  • A full programme of group and individual activities and therapies, including art therapy, acupuncture and shiatsu. 

Read more about what’s included in our treatment package here.

Our service to patients continues after discharge through telephone support from a trained psychologist for up to one year.

Max Glatt Activity Programme

Max Glatt Unit Care Pathway

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Address: Mulberry Ward, South Kensington & Chelsea Centre for Mental Health, 1 Nightingale Place, London SW10 9NG
Phone: 020 3315 3153

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