Care Programme Approach

The Care Programme Approach (CPA) is the national framework for mental health services assessment, care planning, review, care co-ordination, and service user and carer involvement focused on recovery.

The CPA framework includes arrangements for two types of support:

  • CPA for people who have more complex needs, are at most risk or have mental health problems compounded by disadvantage, and need support from multiple agencies
  • Lead Professional Care (LPC) for people who need secondary mental health services but have more straightforward needs involving contact with only one professional or one agency

This involves:

  • Working with service users and carers to build an assessment, establishing care and support needs
  • Developing a care plan in partnership with the service user and carers, setting out what will be done and who is involved - including plans for supporting recovery goals; treatment; activity, training or employment; safety; a personal budget if there is one; and support for carers
  • Identifying who is responsible for making sure the action agreed in the care plan is carried out  (for people on CPA, this is a care co-ordinator; for people on LPC, a lead professional)
  • Making sure the care plan is reviewed regularly to take account of any changes

The Trust reviews the operation of CPA procedures annually through a combination of service user and carer surveys, audits and reports from the database. 

Our approach is underpinned by service standards, and values and principles.

Comments, questions or suggestions

If you have any comments or questions about CPA or LPC, please contact:

John Duguid, CPA Compliance & Development Manager
CNWL NHS Foundation Trust
Stephenson House
75 Hampstead Road
London NW12PL