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PrEP Impact Trial appointments: update

Recruitment for the PrEP Impact Trial has gone extremely well at CNWL’s Mortimer Market Centre and Archway Centre. Since the trial began in Autumn 2017, more than 400 patients have been enrolled onto the trial at the two clinics.

Our PrEP Impact Trial Enrolment appointments are now fully booked for January 2018. PrEP Impact Trial Enrolment appointments in February will be opened on Monday 22 January 2018.

Please call 020 3317 5252 from 22 January 2018 to enquire about a PrEP Impact Trial Enrolment appointment.

As this is a trial and not a routine NHS service, we only have a limited number of places available at Mortimer Market and Archway at this stage. It is likely that we will have used our allocation by sometime in February;  we may be allocated further places, depending on how recruitment is going nationally.

Find out more information about the PrEP Impact Trial, including which clinics are recruiting.

Please check this HIV prevention page and Twitter for further updates about Impact at Mortimer Market and Archway.